Being a "calm mom" is not always easy for a whole host of reasons.

  • The tasks that come with motherhood are never ending and exhausting.

  • Unresolved issues from childhood can show up at unexpected and inconvenient moments.

  • Our current systems were never set up to support working moms. We were never meant to do motherhood alone. I think one of the biggest mistakes to the institution of motherhood was when "alone" became normal, and in some circles a badge of honor.

You are invited into a new way of mothering — an easeful way — where juggling is not a thing .

This fall, we will be leading a group of women who are ready to step into Easeful Motherhood.

If even ONE of these things is true, then you’ll want to join us for the experience..

  • If you feel like you are always juggling…

  • If you are feeling depleted or frustrated in your role as mama…

  • If you are not sure if you are doing the mothering thing any differently than your mom, and you want to…

  • If you have a kid who is REALLY struggling or going through a big life change…

  • If you just want motherhood to be more easeful…

What others have said...

“You've created magic here! It feels like a lot got opened up here for healing for so many. Like a big vortex opened so we could all dive in and go deeper.”


“I just had a walk with a dear mama friend today who was struggling with "all of it" and all of your voices were ringing in my ears knowing how much she would get out of this group. And she's one of my model mamas.”


“So grateful and feel entirely supported by you all in the forum.”


What’s included in the Easeful Motherhood program?

Mia is gathering a loving group of mamas — who are balancing a lot of other work and life — for a 4-week journey into easeful mothering. You’ll acknowledge what’s hard in your role as mom, learn how to intuitively know what’s next, and get the support to move through it.


    Each Monday, the week's lesson will be released.


    Live coaching calls will be a way to dive deeper into the material and get support as you integrate the teachings into your life. They will be recorded and kept in the learning area.


    Mothering can bring up all sorts of gunk. This will be a gentle way to tend to old wounds that are showing up as you mother.