What's different about The FLOW Planner?

  • Plan your meals.

    You plan your meals alongside your work and family schedules, which saves you time & money, and gets you eating the foods you mean to eat.

  • Never feel behind.

    You never feel behind due to a busy week or sick kids. The undated pages, and focus on rhythm and feel, take the pressure off and give you a system to plug back into.

  • 90-day Season

    You think about one 90-day season at a time, because life changes. Within that season, you focus on the day, the meal, the work task, or the child at hand.

  • Complements digital.

    The FLOW planner works on its own or alongside your digital calendar. There is magic in writing things down, but there is also functionality in Google!

  • Make it your own.

    A sleek, simple design lets you make it your own. What do you need more room for: jotting notes, doodling to focus, your own brand of beauty... or just space? You’ve got it.paint brush

  • Made for moms.

    Made with moms in mind. This planner is not another to-do, but a way to rethink to-dos in a way that lets you get done what matters to you — from meetings to meals.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • What to Expect

    • An Overview of the Planner

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • Your Masterlist

    • Your 90-Day Plan

    • Marvelous Months

    • Plan for Your Week

    • Your Day

    • Before you go...

  3. 3
    • Download FLOW Planner Pdf

  4. 4
    • More resources for you

    • Weekends Worksheet

    • Picky Eaters

    • Rhythm Planner

    • Time Block Worksheet


If you buy here, you get access to the pdf version. Keep reading if you want to order the real deal, hardcover paper planner.

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