Change may not be easy, but it can be simple!

I have created a 6-week course that will give you all the scheduling tools you need to make healthy meals a reality, every day.

  • Use your time well

    Learn how to USE YOUR TIME REALLY WELL, so that meals don't feel like extra work but an integral part of the flow of your day.

  • Plan simply

    Learn SIMPLE PLANNING TOOLS that will keep you eating well long after our 6 weeks together.

  • Streamline

    Learn how to STREAMLINE preparing HEALTHY MEALS and snacks to make your time in the kitchen happy and purposeful.

Course curriculum

At the end of 6 WEEKS, you will have a PLAN to make healthy happen EVERY DAY! All the information you need will be organized in a binder, on your desktop and on your fridge, so that you can access what you need daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

    1. Thinking About Your Day

    2. Master List

    3. Daily Sheet

    1. Designing Your Mornings

    2. Morning Planning Pages

    3. Plan-Simple-Smoothies-2-Green

    1. Feeding You

    2. Lunch Ideas

    3. Packing Kid's Lunch

    4. Lunch Planning Sheet

    5. Moving Food Forward

    6. MFF Worksheet

    1. Creating and Evening Rhythm

    2. Evening Rhythm Planning Sheets

    3. Creating a Food Rhythm

    4. Dinner Meal Planning Sheets

    5. Moving a Picky Eater Forward

    6. Picky Planning Sheets

    1. Making a Mealplan for the Week

    2. Mealplanning Sheets

    3. Making a Balanced Plan for the Week

    4. Weekly Sheet

    5. Leveraging Weekends

    6. Weekend Workbook

    7. Doable Changes

    1. Making a Plans

    2. Monthly Rhythm Planning Sheet

    3. Setting Goals

    4. Month-at-a-Glance Sheet

    5. Shopping Systems

    6. Monthly Spreadsheet

About this course

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  • 31 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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Don’t let daily meal making be another stressful item on your to-do list! Do MEALTIME MASTERY so feeding your family can be fun and easy, and you can instill healthy eating habits that will support your children throughout their lives.

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